Cause sudden crash Excel automation -for only one user?

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Cause sudden crash Excel automation -for only one user?

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We have some Excel exports using Automation for a client with 2 users. Since recently after creating an Excel sheet from our program the program directly quits without a message. More details:

1 The user has Windows 11 since a few weeks and is not 100% sure if it has worked on W11 at all
2 The other user has also Windows 11 and has no problem with the same function (Same data, same program - from the server)
3 For the user having the problem the Office automation works without problem for creating a Word document
4 Starting Excel directly doesn't seem to show anything out of the ordinary
5 Nothing is logged in the Windows Application log

Basically the client's IT department is trying to solve the issue. But if anyone has an idea it might speed things up.

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