The FOX program

You can support the development of X# through our Friends Of XSharp community program.
With this program you can help fund the development of X# and you will get support from the developers in return.
The program includes:

  • 2-4 stable builds of the X# product every year
  • monthly builds of the X# product
  • Access to closed forums on the XSharp web server where the FOX subscribers will be supported by members of the X# development team directly
  • Access to closed support forums for Visual Objects & Vulcan.NET from the original developers themselves. We know these products inside out, so who can better support you and provide you with workarounds or solutions for problems with these programs?

Please note that for each developer that you want to give access to the private forums and newsgroups you will need to buy a separate license!

The FOX program costs:

Number of licenses Price/user/year
1 € 999
2-5 € 899
6-9 € 799
10-14 € 699

To order XSharp you can access our shop here

If you do not want to buy online, then we can also send you a regular invoice that you can pay through the "normal" bank channel 
If you are interested in that, then contact us at

We now also offer the XSharp Corporate Sponsorship program.
More information about the corporate sponsorship program can be found here


As service to Visual Objects and X# developers we now also offer support for and sell ReportPro. There are a couple of options available:

Product Price
ReportPro 2 - binaries € 99
ReportPro 2 - source code € 299
ReportPro 3 - binaries € 99
ReportPro 3 - source code € 299

To order ReportPro click here