How to contribute to the XSharp project

Some customers have approached us and asked how they can contribute to our project. And that is GREAT !

The easiest way to contribute is the following

  • You clone/fork the repository 
  • You make the changes that you need
  • If your changes are complete you push them to your fork and send us a pull-request.
  • We will then review your changes to see if they are not breaking other code and when everything is OK then we will merge your changes into our repo

We have two repositorues: This repository contains the source code for the VS integration, Runtime and most tools This repository contains the source code for the compiler, including our version of the Roslyn source code.

Please note that the compiler repository is private. If you want to have access to this repository, then please contact us at
We will send you a NDA that you need to sign to make sure that you are not creating a competing product.

More information about Github forking and pull request can be found here.

This article assumes that you are working with Github from the command line. And to be honest, that can be sometimes a little rough. We recommend that you use the TortoiseGit tool that adds Git support to your Explorer context menu: