The XSharp Corporate Sponsorship program

We have received some requests to start a corporate sponsorship program.
We like the idea and have come up with the following plan, which has 3 different levels of corporate sponsorship.

Sponsorship levels and benefits

 Benefit Gold Platinum Diamond
Number of developer licenses
Each developer gets access to the subscribers downloads on the website and to all forums on the website
5 10 25
Access to prerelease builds of X#
We produce prerelease builds on our build server every time we commit changes in the master branches.
At this moment there are prerelease builds for the compiler. Similar builds for our VS integration and runtime will follow in the next months.
- X X
Days of consultancy / custom development
A corporate sponsorship includes one or more days of consultancy or custom development.
When we add a feature to the compiler, VS integration or runtime that we think is usefull to others too, then that feature will become available to all users.
- 1 2
On demand online training
Each training is 2 hours and includes 2 hours of preparation
We will prepare a trainings session on demand and present that session online.
We can also do trainings sessions on site, if the global health situation allows that. Contact us if you are interested.
- 1 2
Special custom builds.
Assume you did your QA on build 2.5 and you have found a problem that is already fixed in 2.6. A custom build will apply only that change to the 2.5 branch and will create a special custom version 2.5.1 for you
- 1 2
Priority support
for problems found in our product. (# of incidents included per year)
- 1 2
Include your name and logo on our home page and on a special sponsor page on our website (if you want) with a link to your website.
250x70 logo
or text
250x130 logo 
or text
250x250 logo
or text
Price per year € 5000 € 10.000 € 25.000


Terms and conditions

  • A sponsor has to commit to a yearly amount depending on the sponsorship level
  • Sponsorships are always on an annual basis and are not refundable once paid
  • Within a sponsorship level, sponsors are listed in the chronological order of their joining the sponsorship program
  • We reserve the right to change sponsorship levels in the future
  • The logo (if applicable) needs to be a static image, PNG is preferred
  • The link needs to point to the sponsor's homepage
  • If you prefer a text over a logo then the text (or alternative text for images) can contain only your company name
  • We're not accepting sponsors in the following areas: adult content, gambling-related, binary options sites, or sites linking to illegal content
  • The sponsorship terms are non negotiable and we do not provide any discounts to the sponsorship levels


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us at
And if you can't find a plan that fits you please let us know. We are open for suggestions.