Interest in WPF/MVVM Framework in X#

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Re: Interest in WPF/MVVM Framework in X#

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Hi Dick,
unfortunately you were not in my session at the X# Summit were I said clearly that there is no unique solution for all GUI needs.
In fact, we internally are using the VOGUI classes, Windows Forms and WPF for the development of new applications.
So everyone has to select what he thinks fits best his needs.
I have also tried to use WPF on the "classical" VO way (filling the windows manually and saving back also manually), but after knowing databinding I felt I loosed to much.
And I agree that the WPF window editor is not filling all the expectations, and sometimes has strange effects. But unfortunately this editor tries to start a visual editor for something that is not made for visual editing.
I was thinking several time how to build a WPF editor, and IMHO the only true possibility would be to have a treeview for the editing on the one side and a preview on the other side. But that would be too far from what most Visual Studio users would expect.
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