ReportPro 2.39 user guide?

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ReportPro 2.39 user guide?

Post by jonhn »

I'm looking for some examples of how to lay a report out "correctly" if there is such a thing. Using 2.39.04 with X#

The main thing I'm trying to fix is the layout on a multi-page quotation with a summary at the end. I want the list of products to go to the bottom of each page until the last page where the footer / summary band has the final details.

What I'm getting is the list of products on each page only extends as far as where the final summary band will be on the final page, so only 2/3 of each page is used and a blank patch of 1/3 of the page at the bottom.
That's just one aspect of my finished product I don't like, there are plenty more aspects I'd tidy up if there is a guide somewhere.
I've attached the report.rpt


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ReportPro 2.39 user guide?

Post by robert »

You write footer / summary band.
These make a huge difference.
The footer is printed on every page.
The summary is printed after all rows were printed.

From what I see in your image you have used the footer for this.
You should move that to the summary, or create a group on an expression that is constant during the report (for example a literal number) and move the data to the summary for that group.

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