sqlexec parameters input / output

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sqlexec parameters input / output

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My general approach to data (remote or otherwise) has been to set up an object hierarchy in which each object maintains its own data. I work for a school, so we have families who have students on our program, who then have grade levels, which have courses, which have quarters, which have individual assignment grades, etc. I have never worked with remote views because the objects don't need them. We use a combination of postgres and foxpro to store most of the data. For most tables the data starts in Foxpro and then uses a trigger to automatically replicate to a postgres table, giving us an instant backup. Most queries are done against the postgres data, since that is usually much faster than querying the FoxPro data.
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sqlexec parameters input / output

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jpmoschi wrote:the message is Merging is blocked
I suppouse that it is normal or not?

Can you follow this link?
I'll merge this code after the weekend.

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