Empty Visual Studio's Tool Box

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Empty Visual Studio's Tool Box

Post by Anonymous »

I am new to Visual Studio, and I try top open the Visual Studio Tool box by pressing CTL , ALT , and X
but what I got is empty. Please tell me what I did wrong.
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Empty Visual Studio's Tool Box

Post by ic2 »

Hello Minh,

I've seen empty windows as well and eventually solved it by installing components. Apparently the freedom in choosing what you want or do not want installed is not accompanied with a check to prevent this unwanted behavior.

This is probably your issue too; it seems that not installing Winforms may be the cause.

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Empty Visual Studio's Tool Box

Post by robert »


Which editor do you have open when the Toolbox is empty. Source code editor, Windows Forms Editor or WPF editor.
In the source code editor the toolbox is usually empty. However you can drag snippets of code to the toolbox.
In the other editors there should be at least some standard controls visible. If that is not the case then check Dicks message #11725

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