Warning XS9043 - ambiguous field OF_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE

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Warning XS9043 - ambiguous field OF_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE

Post by Thomas »

Hi All,

X# version
Dialect Vulcan.NET
X# runtime

I get a warning for field 'OF_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE' when I have a reference to XSharp.Core and VOWin32APILibrary in the same project:
Warning XS9043 Field 'OF_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE' is ambiguous. Could be 'XSharp.Core.Functions.OF_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE' or 'VOWin32APILibrary.Functions.OF_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE'. Using the first one.

It's just a warning, but we have enabled "warnigs as errors". So I could suppress the warning. And I saw it's the same value in both libraries.
But how can I be sure that one value won't change in the future and the wrong field is taken? Do you have to use this field in both libraries? Is there no risk to suppress the warning or is there a 'better' solution for me to solve this problem without to suppress the warning?
BTW which is the first one?

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Warning XS9043 - ambiguous field OF_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE

Post by Chris »

Hi Thomas,

This is just an oversight of our part, this (and around a dozen more) defines should be deleted from the SDK, since they are moved to the base runtime dlls now. We will do that for the next build, for now it is absolutely safe to just disable this warning.

Btw, "First one" is the one mentioned first, so the version included in the XSharp.Core dll.

Chris Pyrgas

XSharp Development Team test
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