Compiler assertion failed

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Compiler assertion failed

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while compiling one of our biggest projects I get a funny assertion failed message "How did we manage to get two methods in the overload resolution results that were both better than every other method?" (see attachment). Any hint how I can narrow down the code that causes this?

XSharpCompilerError.PNG (159.54 KiB) Viewed 145 times
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Compiler assertion failed

Post by robert »

The image is hard to read, but from what I see then the compiler has a problem deciding which of 2 methods or functions with the same name to choose.
I think it should have produced a normal compiler error here in stead of an assertion. Most likely it does produce a normal compiler error in the release version of the compiler, but the free/public version of the compiler is compiled in DEBUG mode and contains lots of assertions.
To narrow down:
- look for method overloads, function overloads, or the same function name in 2 external DLLs
- or send us the source
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