Compatibility with VO: function or method

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Compatibility with VO: function or method

Post by wriedmann »


porting one of my libraries I have come around a IMHO serious issue.
Please see the following code:

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using System

function Start( ) as void
	Console.WriteLine("Hello x#!")    
function MyFunc() as string
	return "from static class"

class MyClass
method MyFunc() as string
	return MyFunc()
end class
If you execute this code in VO, it works as expected.
In X# it throws an stack overflow error, because the "MyFunc()" call in the method calls itself, and not the defined function.
IMHO there should be a compiler option that requires that all method calls are prefixed with self:, otherwise they should not refer to the method of the class, but search outside of the class.

Wolfgang Riedmann
Meran, South Tyrol, Italy -
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Compatibility with VO: function or method

Post by Chris »

Hi Wolfgang,

Hmm, right, in VO dialect (and vulcan etc) this works as expected, but in Core it calls the method instead of the function indeed. Thanks for reporting, will log this as well.

Chris Pyrgas

XSharp Development Team test
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