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Create setup file

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Is there a rule to see which .dll should be included in the setup file ?
If Vulcan.dll is used, it must be included, but if it is only X # which * .dll must be included.

Are there any issues you need to consider when you create a setup file?

Thanks for the answer !

Johan Kwaspen
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Create setup file

Post by robert »

This depends what you are using in your app.
- Are you using only Framework DLLs then only your apps own DLLs and EXEs
- Are you using a 3rd party control then you need to include the relevant DLLs for that control. These should be listed in the 3rd party control doc.
- If you are using the Vulcan runtime then the files in the Program FilesVulcanredist folder
- If you are using the X# runtime then the files in the Program FilesXsharpredist folder

You can also open the generated assemblies with ILSpy or Reflector and see which dependencies there are.
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Create setup file

Post by JKW »

Thanks Robert,

The redist folder is nice to kwow !
I can continue with this.


Johan Kwaspen
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