Toggling our way to Reporting success .........

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Toggling our way to Reporting success .........

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Hi guys,

Just a short post to keep you up to date - anyone interested in my research work with using 'Reporting Services' (RS) from Microsoft (no cost to VS users).

Remember that data held within 'In-Memory' objects can be easily gotten from DBF files and made into Collections of business class objects - so its good news for xBase DBF users.

The video clip included with this post is not a masterpiece by any means, BUT, in a few MBs and a few seconds, does show some Order class objects displayed in a grid - actually called a 'Tablix' by MS. All code is X# based. The results grid is a WinForms viewer wrapped to allow it to be displayed on a WPF form. I always use WPF forms, as you probably know.

The two toggling 'cells' or buttons if you like, work on rows and columns respectively. The rows are toggled on a date condition so we get older orders and newer orders as we toggle. The date is July 7th. 2017 - my choosing.

The column toggling is not done on a condition - it is simply a hide / expose operation which hides four columns - as you will see when you run the MP4 file.

[The extension mp4 has been deactivated and can no longer be displayed.]

Okay, there are other things I have done and documented in my eNotes for Cologne in April. Like summing the rows for item costs, as well as summing the columns to get the order Total Cost.

Although RS is old technology, done YEARS ago by Microsoft, it does work well, and has a lot of scope for report creation - OK in many ways its a bit 'clunky' - but hey! - it is free to us to use ;-0)

Hope this topic interests a few of you guys out there !

Best regards,
Wales, UK.
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