Nullable Reference types in C# (& .NET ?)

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Phil Hepburn
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Nullable Reference types in C# (& .NET ?)

Post by Phil Hepburn »

Hi guys,

Well, having caused a bit of a stir, and plenty of logical and humanly nonsensical argument, regarding the use and availability of a base index value other than ZERO, I will now introduce you to something new that Microsoft is trying out.

Here is the link to details on improving? Reference Types and their ability to be Nullable, or not. Yes, in our .NET code!!! ... in-csharp/

By the way Frank et al, it is perfectly OK to hate everything new or different - that is part of the human condition :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

So I am definitely 'odd' as I seem to 'thrive on change' - I like all things new and different.

Notice I did not say that I hate the old stuff - in fact I value the historical point of view and what we can learn from it. A bit like one based arrays in 1957 I suppose ;-)

Regards to all,
Wales, UK.
Frank Maraite
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Nullable Reference types in C# (& .NET ?)

Post by Frank Maraite »

Hi Phil

I saw this article this morning too. Have to read it carefully.

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