Update to ClickStartXSharp.chm - latest !

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Phil Hepburn
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Update to ClickStartXSharp.chm - latest !

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Hi X# Forum guys,

For any one interested the following link to my OneDrive folder allows you (hopefully) to download my latest ClickStartXSharp '.chm' eNotes file.

This is update version 043 and although there is still a lot of work to be done to cover all of XSharp, much of the recent research work I have done on .NET Arrays and Collections has already been incorporated.


Please let me know if things work / don't work, and also if you have any requests for topic headings not already shown on the LHS of the H&M display.

Here is an image of the section & subsections I have been working on :-
ClickStartXSharp_01.jpg (111.75 KiB) Viewed 155 times
I hope you may learn at least some of the stuff I have learned over the last couple weeks :whistle: :pinch: :whistle:

Thanks to Forum guys like Frank, Wolfgang, and of course the TEAM.

Best regards,
Wales, UK.
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