Project properties - not being reset correctly !?

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Phil Hepburn
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Project properties - not being reset correctly !?

Post by Phil Hepburn »

Hi Robert and TEAM,

While researching material for Arrays for a part session for Cologne 2018, I have found that the setting I have been changing - "Use Zero Based Arrays" - does not get changed after changing it on screen, and doing Build and Re-build actions. It seems to require that I close and reload the solution before the new setting takes effect.

I therefore would assume that this could also be the case for all properties ???

Currently I am working around this okay, but I have found some possibly MAJOR concerns with Arrays and 0/1 base ... I will explain these issues in another post.

Here is an image of the above issue :-
ZeroBase_01.jpg (75.71 KiB) Viewed 144 times
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Project properties - not being reset correctly !?

Post by Chris »

Hi Phil,

I think you just need to move (tab) to another property, so the system realizes that you're done with the current property change.

Chris Pyrgas

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