Two small ReportPro problems

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Two small ReportPro problems

Post by ic2 »

Now ReportPro is in good hands, I'll post 2 issues for which I would first like to know if others experience the same. Small things, but if they can be reproduced and fixed that would be nice. I use 2.16k.

1 When I doubleclick a .rpt file it opens ReportPro but it doesn't open the report - it keeps showing the splash screen and if I click in that I get the "emptyshellmenu". I know it used to work (in earlier version probably).

2 If I include a picture and go to Picture Style, Embed image, this appears not to work in most of the cases which shows as soon as we installed the .rpt file at the client. Sometimes it helps to open Picture Style another time, click Ok en save the report but usually we deliver the picture as well in order to get it working.

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Two small ReportPro problems

Post by rjpajaron »

Hi Dick,

Using RP3, not a problem.
I have very few complaints with RP3 and I using it with CM200 wrap with VO classes inspired from someone's code that allows non-CM VO apps to load RP3.

And yes, the latest post about ReportPro is really great.

I have to wait for more information but this is exciting: ReportPro for X#. If Joachim is reading this: bBrowser for X# too. Anyway, I have no problem both to stay as is.


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