Problems with manage HEX Data in VO27

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Problems with manage HEX Data in VO27

Post by PAPAGUSO »

I need translate this code made in java? into cAVO2.7.

package net.ticketbai;
public class CRC8{
private static final String UTF_8 = "UTF-8";
// CRC-8,
// Poly = x^8 + x^2 + x^1 + x^0
// Init = 0
// RefIn = false
// RefOut = false

// XorOut = 0
private static final byte[] crc8_table =
new byte[] {
(byte) 0x00, (byte) 0x07, (byte) 0x0E, (byte) 0x09, (byte) 0x1C, (byte) 0x1B, (byte) 0x12, (byte) 0x15,
(byte) 0x38, (byte) 0x3F, (byte) 0x36, (byte) 0x31, (byte) 0x24, (byte) 0x23, (byte) 0x2A, (byte) 0x2D,
(byte) 0x70, (byte) 0x77, (byte) 0x7E, (byte) 0x79, (byte) 0x6C, (byte) 0x6B, (byte) 0x62, (byte) 0x65,
(byte) 0x48, (byte) 0x4F, (byte) 0x46, (byte) 0x41, (byte) 0x54, (byte) 0x53, (byte) 0x5A, (byte) 0x5D,
(byte) 0xE0, (byte) 0xE7, (byte) 0xEE, (byte) 0xE9, (byte) 0xFC, (byte) 0xFB, (byte) 0xF2, (byte) 0xF5,
(byte) 0xD8, (byte) 0xDF, (byte) 0xD6, (byte) 0xD1, (byte) 0xC4, (byte) 0xC3, (byte) 0xCA, (byte) 0xCD,
(byte) 0x90, (byte) 0x97, (byte) 0x9E, (byte) 0x99, (byte) 0x8C, (byte) 0x8B, (byte) 0x82, (byte) 0x85,
(byte) 0xA8, (byte) 0xAF, (byte) 0xA6, (byte) 0xA1, (byte) 0xB4, (byte) 0xB3, (byte) 0xBA, (byte) 0xBD,
(byte) 0xC7, (byte) 0xC0, (byte) 0xC9, (byte) 0xCE, (byte) 0xDB, (byte) 0xDC, (byte) 0xD5, (byte) 0xD2,
(byte) 0xFF, (byte) 0xF8, (byte) 0xF1, (byte) 0xF6, (byte) 0xE3, (byte) 0xE4, (byte) 0xED, (byte) 0xEA,
(byte) 0xB7, (byte) 0xB0, (byte) 0xB9, (byte) 0xBE, (byte) 0xAB, (byte) 0xAC, (byte) 0xA5, (byte) 0xA2,
(byte) 0x8F, (byte) 0x88, (byte) 0x81, (byte) 0x86, (byte) 0x93, (byte) 0x94, (byte) 0x9D, (byte) 0x9A,
(byte) 0x27, (byte) 0x20, (byte) 0x29, (byte) 0x2E, (byte) 0x3B, (byte) 0x3C, (byte) 0x35, (byte) 0x32,
(byte) 0x1F, (byte) 0x18, (byte) 0x11, (byte) 0x16, (byte) 0x03, (byte) 0x04, (byte) 0x0D, (byte) 0x0A,
(byte) 0x57, (byte) 0x50, (byte) 0x59, (byte) 0x5E, (byte) 0x4B, (byte) 0x4C, (byte) 0x45, (byte) 0x42,
(byte) 0x6F, (byte) 0x68, (byte) 0x61, (byte) 0x66, (byte) 0x73, (byte) 0x74, (byte) 0x7D, (byte) 0x7A,
(byte) 0x89, (byte) 0x8E, (byte) 0x87, (byte) 0x80, (byte) 0x95, (byte) 0x92, (byte) 0x9B, (byte) 0x9C,
(byte) 0xB1, (byte) 0xB6, (byte) 0xBF, (byte) 0xB8, (byte) 0xAD, (byte) 0xAA, (byte) 0xA3, (byte) 0xA4,
(byte) 0xF9, (byte) 0xFE, (byte) 0xF7, (byte) 0xF0, (byte) 0xE5, (byte) 0xE2, (byte) 0xEB, (byte) 0xEC,
(byte) 0xC1, (byte) 0xC6, (byte) 0xCF, (byte) 0xC8, (byte) 0xDD, (byte) 0xDA, (byte) 0xD3, (byte) 0xD4,
(byte) 0x69, (byte) 0x6E, (byte) 0x67, (byte) 0x60, (byte) 0x75, (byte) 0x72, (byte) 0x7B, (byte) 0x7C,
(byte) 0x51, (byte) 0x56, (byte) 0x5F, (byte) 0x58, (byte) 0x4D, (byte) 0x4A, (byte) 0x43, (byte) 0x44,
(byte) 0x19, (byte) 0x1E, (byte) 0x17, (byte) 0x10, (byte) 0x05, (byte) 0x02, (byte) 0x0B, (byte) 0x0C,
(byte) 0x21, (byte) 0x26, (byte) 0x2F, (byte) 0x28, (byte) 0x3D, (byte) 0x3A, (byte) 0x33, (byte) 0x34,
(byte) 0x4E, (byte) 0x49, (byte) 0x40, (byte) 0x47, (byte) 0x52, (byte) 0x55, (byte) 0x5C, (byte) 0x5B,
(byte) 0x76, (byte) 0x71, (byte) 0x78, (byte) 0x7F, (byte) 0x6A, (byte) 0x6D, (byte) 0x64, (byte) 0x63,
(byte) 0x3E, (byte) 0x39, (byte) 0x30, (byte) 0x37, (byte) 0x22, (byte) 0x25, (byte) 0x2C, (byte) 0x2B,
(byte) 0x06, (byte) 0x01, (byte) 0x08, (byte) 0x0F, (byte) 0x1A, (byte) 0x1D, (byte) 0x14, (byte) 0x13,
(byte) 0xAE, (byte) 0xA9, (byte) 0xA0, (byte) 0xA7, (byte) 0xB2, (byte) 0xB5, (byte) 0xBC, (byte) 0xBB,
(byte) 0x96, (byte) 0x91, (byte) 0x98, (byte) 0x9F, (byte) 0x8A, (byte) 0x8D, (byte) 0x84, (byte) 0x83,
(byte) 0xDE, (byte) 0xD9, (byte) 0xD0, (byte) 0xD7, (byte) 0xC2, (byte) 0xC5, (byte) 0xCC, (byte) 0xCB,
(byte) 0xE6, (byte) 0xE1, (byte) 0xE8, (byte) 0xEF, (byte) 0xFA, (byte) 0xFD, (byte) 0xF4, (byte) 0xF3 };
* Calculate the CRC value with data from input string.
* @param input input string
* @return The calculated CRC value. Left padding with zeros.
* @throws UnsupportedEncodingException
public static String calculate(String input) throws UnsupportedEncodingException {
byte[] data = input.getBytes(UTF_8);
int len = data.length;
byte crc = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < len; i++)
crc = crc8_table[(crc ^ data) & 0xff];
return String.format("%03d", crc & 0xFFL);


I have already written a part of code

method CalcularCRC() class PFacturaRectificativas

local cCadena :="TBAI-B20789384-030624-h3apTot1ZWpLw" as usual
local dim aTablaCRC1[255] as byte
local dim aTablaCRC2[1] as byte
local nElemento :=1 as int
local nCRC as usual
local nHex :=0x00 as byte
local aTablaCadena :={} as array
local nValor :=0x00 as byte
local cCrc as usual

I can´t interpret the last part because i never work with this language neither I work with HEX data.

Please, could anybody help me?
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Re: Problems with manage HEX Data in VO27

Post by wriedmann »

Hi Fernando,
unfortunately I do not know anything about Java - my knowledge is limited to a bit of VO, an even smaller part of X#, and an even lesser part of C.
And it seems to me that here is also something with the UTF-8 charset - another thing I do not know how it can accomplished in VO.
Maybe someone other have the needed knowledge.
Wolfgang Riedmann
Meran, South Tyrol, Italy -
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