Fast W10 shutdown

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Fast W10 shutdown

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Following a discussion about GetTickCountLow() Wolfgang made an interesting remark about W10 not fully shutting down but using some kind of hibernation. I searched further on that and found that creating a shortcut containing C:WindowsSystem32shutdown.exe /s /f /t 0 you force a complete shutdown. And that saves me a lot of time. Using default W10 shutdown, the screen is off quite quickly but it takes a long time before the Pc is finally ready. As I always cut of the power to my Pc I did notice that doing that before this obvious disk activity is over does not seem to have any impact on anything but doing that as a routine does not "feel good".

Now clicking the shutdown shortcut means W10 takes a few seconds more to switch the screen off but then the Pc is ready too - and that is at least twice as fast as waiting for the hibernate startup to finish. And on startup? I haven't timed it exactly but startup does not seem to suffer from this full shutdown and I think I prevent some W10 problems by a 'real' startup.

Seems like this hibernation is another half baked W10 feature worsening things in Windows instead of improving it.

Thanks Wolfgang for your comments leading to this solution (even though it was not the objective of the post...).

This link shows in details how it works for everyone wanting to save time on W10 shutdown+startup and it confirms what I concluded too. ... windows-10

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