Hi to everyone !

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Hi to everyone !

Post by baramuse »

Hi everyone,

I'm Basile, a 40yo french developper, freshly arrived in the PGS company in order to carry on Thierry's work in a few months time.
So I'll be working pretty closely with Thierry.
I'm absolutely new to VO, VFP, dBase etc, but a long time developper of .net (from the very first .net 1.1) from a C background.
We are in the process of migrating a pretty big VO application to XSharp and I'm waiting impatiently the version3 to come out so we can start on good and fresh .net bases, leveraging modern versions of the framework to take the application to the next stage.

I've read and watched most of your videos, tutorials, articles and already am amazed by the job done here.
Kudos o you.

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Hi to everytone

Post by wriedmann »

Hi Basile,
welcome here!
If you have any questions: feel free to ask!
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Hi to everyone !

Post by Fabrice »

Hi Basile,
nice to have another French guy here !!!
If you have any question, please feel free to ask, and if you prefer a more direct talk (in french), send me an email and we will arrange something.

Fabrice at xsharp.eu
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