Web X#/VO data interchange / integration examples

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Web X#/VO data interchange / integration examples

Post by jonhn »

Hi all,
I'm making some progress porting my VO2.7b application to X# (VO dialect) with a lot of assistance from Chris.

One of the end goals I have after moving to .NET is for the app to receive product bookings (rental) from a website (simple wordpress template at the moment, not mine).
Choosing to stay with .dbf/fpt/.cdx rather than SQL/Postgres may limit any live "internet interfacing" but I am hoping to add more modern .NET functionality to this program in terms of website integration.

The broad outline of what I want to do is:
1) receive a file or data from a website with information about a list of items, and the date required from a website.
2) Parse the information (check inventory, check price)
3) Send acknowledgement to the website form the customer is looking at to confirm the order is valid and it can accept payment
4) Receive the confirmation and payment details to be logged for a human to check it

The website user chooses a product, a date range, other options, enters their name and phone number, and presses the “Book Now” button.
The application checks the date range and equipment availability, and allows the website booking to be placed and payment taken.

Right now, there is no test data as the website guy is waiting for me to suggest a format or protocol for this.

With X#/.Net and VO dialect, what are the tools or libraries I should use to help with the data interchange and web-enabled activity?
Does anyone have experience with this in X#/VO that could shed any light on the right way forward, or point to a resource or examples I can read about or see please?

Thank you.
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Web X#/VO data interchange / integration examples

Post by wriedmann »

Hi Jonathan,
I'm doing similar things with VO already, but with X# it is even easier.
Your Wordpress site has a database where it writes, and you should write a PHP interface library to access that database from a VO or X# service, and then you can do all local processing over this interface.
Maybe this (VO) source can you give a hint how to do that:
I'm using similar tools to access different web databases for different projects.
This is really old code, but I have similar approaches also for X#.
Wolfgang Riedmann
Meran, South Tyrol, Italy
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