Use XSharp.ADS.ACE or AdvantageRDD?

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Use XSharp.ADS.ACE or AdvantageRDD?

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One more question on replacing the Vulcan DLL's to the X# DLL's in my X# project:

I get this warning:

Warning XS9043 'ACE' is ambiguous. Could be NamedType 'XSharp.ADS.ACE' in XSharp.Rdd or NamedType 'AdvantageClientEngine.ACE' in AdvantageRDD. Using the first one.

E.g. in:
nStatus := ACE.AdsCreateSQLStatement(hConn, hStmt)

Does this mean I have to (or: can) remove the reference to the AdvantageRDD when using all X# DLL's?

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Use XSharp.ADS.ACE or AdvantageRDD?

Post by robert »


AdvantageRDD is for Vulcan. Please remove that from your project.

XSharp Development Team
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