Winforms converted VO windows & bBrowser

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Winforms converted VO windows & bBrowser

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Hello Chris,

I just watched your very interesting session Moving applications from VO to X# - Part1 and added several notes in our Conversion Documentation manual where I describe all errors and how to solve them. Thanks for that, I am looking forward to the next part.

I also saw in that session that creating a Winforms window is indeed very simple. It leaves one question: does this mean that any bBrowsers on that window need to be replaced (by e.g. a .Net Databrowser)? Or do VO forms with a bBrowser work with Winforms after the conversion?

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Winforms converted VO windows & bBrowser

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Hi Dick,
I may be wrong, but the Xporter functionality does not moves any logic at all, only the plain form.
And since bBrowser is not available on Windows Forms, it will not work.
For a migration I would recommend to use not the Windows Forms directly, but using the compatible GUI classes Robert is working on. But even there the bBrowser does not work, but maybe you could sponsor a development of the bBrowser for Windows Forms.
Wolfgang Riedmann
Meran, South Tyrol, Italy -
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