VO bBrowser using ADS SQL database displays EOF record

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Kees Bouw
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VO bBrowser using ADS SQL database displays EOF record

Post by Kees Bouw »

Hi Everyone,

In Visual Objects, when using a DBF/CDX database in bBrowser 4 (latest version/update) where the database is created with ADS 12 (also latest version/update) and the AXSQLCDX driver then at the bottom of the bBrowser an "empty" line appears that corresponds to EOF. I have tried numerous settings and variations of the bBrowser but the line stays. On the ADS side there is not much to experiment with, I just pass the query along with the driver and get a DBF in return which is then Used() in the bBrowser. It behaves like a normally opened DBF in most cases, the most notable difference is that automatic locking no longer works, a RLOCK() is necessary for fieldputs. There are no other problems with handling the DBF or with the bBrowser, just this annoying empty line.
I am curious to know if anyone has experienced the same issue and what a possible solution may be. Any help is much appreciated!

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VO bBrowser using ADS SQL database displays EOF record

Post by wriedmann »

Hi Kees,
even if I use ADS a lot, for my bBrowser windows I only use the AXDBFCDX driver.
I'm using the AXSQLCDX driver only for some other queries displayed in ListView windows.
You should contact Joachim Bieler with your problem - I have my doubts the AXSQLCDX driver is used often in a bBrowser.
Wolfgang Riedmann
Meran, South Tyrol, Italy
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