More about VS changing tabs into spaces on copying code

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More about VS changing tabs into spaces on copying code

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I earlier mentioned that VS changes tabs into spaces on copying code (via the clipboard).
As I had a new Pc I thought it was a good idea to test if that problem would remain absent on a freshly installed VS 2019 Community with unmodified settings.

Interesting thing is that the problem is still there but it doesn't seem to happen in X#. Probably it never did but I don't use X# very often.

More users have this problem. In this post it is acknowledged as a bug with this remark a month later, as usual for almost everything Microsoft creates: this issue is very unlikely to be fixed.

https://developercommunity.visualstudio ... moved.html

I wonder why it it looks like X# isn't influenced in the very same VS, with unmodified settings. I've earlier varied all settings remotely concerned with tabs but without results (nor did the poster of the issue see any changes).

I have not yet seen the editor delays but I haven't seen these earlier either like Kees did (although sometimes it works ok for him but again this could be the result of the amount of time Kees resp. I used X#). I will probably let him try my settings for a while once he resumes some work in X# to see if that makes a difference. This may give you some info which could help you solve it.

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