CPU time and XSCompiler

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CPU time and XSCompiler

Post by Serggio »

On a rather big project I have XSCompiler.exe periodically (every minute or so) utilizing 100% CPU, even while doing nothing. It is quite annoying because my computer just stucks for that 3-5 seconds when XSCompiler does some unknown (though I'm sure very useful) job, and that happens every minute, regardless of what I'm doing: whether compiling, editing or just doing nothing. Even background music freezes.
What may give a hint to find a problem: the project is still in the process of transporting, so it has hundreds of errors/warnings which are yet to be dealt with. Maybe X# is trying to recompile it somehow in the background every minute to see whether there are some good news and errors are gone, but that's quite a hard time when it happens :)
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CPU time and XSCompiler

Post by Chris »

Hi Serggio,

That's something I've also wanted to report to Robert, actually in my case it goes at 90% or so and stays there all the time. This happens with specific projects and always when I compile in VS, never in XIDE. Note to Robert, every time after I build the X# Runtime in VS, the compiler process does exactly that. Could it be that it's actually something from the VS integration using the compiler for intelisense parsing or similar?

Note to Serggio, it is absolutely safe to simply kill the compiler process when it does that, it will automatically restart next time you build something. You may also set the "Shared mode" compiler option in the project properties to false, this will make the compiler always terminate itself when it ends with its job, but this also means it will need to reinitialize itself (which takes around a couple seconds) every single time you use it.
Chris Pyrgas

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