Subtraction with DWORD issue

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Subtraction with DWORD issue

Post by boonnam »

I know DWORD can't be negative, but using DWORD in subtraction shouldn't be an issue, right? For example:
local sys_date as date
local dNewDate as date
local dwNum as dword

sys_date := Today() //4/9/2020
dwNum := 3
dNewDate := sys_date-dwNum

I'm expecting dNewDate to be 4/6/2020, in our XSharp conversion program, it crashed. The error is "Value to add was out of range.". If I cast it to INT, it works.

dNewDate := sys_date -(INT)dwNum
//dNewDate is 4/6/2020.

In this case we are using dword as subtraction, not making it negative. Any thought?

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Subtraction with DWORD issue

Post by Chris »

Hi Boonam,

This is a known issue, will be fixed in the next build which should be released soon. I will send you a quick fix dll that you can use in the meantime
Chris Pyrgas

XSharp Development Team test
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