Visual Studio 2015 support ?

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Visual Studio 2015 support ?

Post by robert »

We would like to know who of you still needs Visual Studio 2015 support for X#.
We are considering to drop this support in one of the next builds, so we can focus in our VS integration on features that are available in VS 2017 and later, such as package references and more asynchronous support in the VS editor.
However, if this is a show stopper for some of you then we will delay this a bit, or we simply "freeze" the VS 2015 support and create a separate VS2017/VS2019 support with newer features.

XSharp Development Team
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Visual Studio 2015 support ?

Post by SHirsch »

Hi Robert,

no problem here. Using VS just for maintaining C# projects. XIDE is my favourite IDE.

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Visual Studio 2015 support ?

Post by wriedmann »

Hi Robert,
the same here: I have VS 2015 on my machine only because I needed it for Vulcan.
But for my daily work I use XIDE - but sometimes I start VS 2017 to check C# samples.
Wolfgang Riedmann
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Visual Studio 2015 support ?

Post by mainhatten »

Hi Robert,
nope: VS2019 for doing things close to core/part of runtime, Xide for user code/kepping things more portable to vfp

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Visual Studio 2015 support ?

Post by TimothyS »

Hi Robert

Used VS 2015 for Vulcan apps. Since all have been migrated to VS 2017 & 2019, VS 2015 support is not necessary.

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Visual Studio 2015 support ?

Post by lumberjack »

Have not used VS 2015 for more than 2 years now...
Johan Nel
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Visual Studio 2015 support ?

Post by leon-ts »

I use only VS 2019
Best regards,
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Visual Studio 2015 support ?

Post by kitz »

Using VS2019 only.
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Visual Studio 2015 support ?

Post by ic2 »

Also only VS2019 here.

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Visual Studio 2015 support ?

Post by leighproman »

Just VS2017 here
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