FoxPro to CSharp web site...

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FoxPro to CSharp web site...

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Just wanted to share this resource that someone named Joe Kuhn contacted me that he is making a site and with examples and discussion of how to code certain FoxPro code patterns in C#.

Maybe this can be helpful to anyone wanting to learn .Net for their FoxPro code.
I'm starting a discussion forum on the translation of FoxPro programs to C#...
- Joe Kuhn
Joe Kuhn
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FoxPro to CSharp web site...

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Thanks Matt for pointing me here and telling me about this resource. X# looks like a strong option for folks with aging FoxPro code, although some say FoxPro will never die.

My story is I've been asked to translate some of our Fox code to C# after our desktop was converted to C# years ago. My effort is about 3-4000 lines completed with a few more extensions to go. I get darn tired of trying to remember everything, so I created a forum for myself and others who may be doing the same kind of work.
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