Intellisense progress!

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Intellisense progress!

Post by ic2 »

I finally installed VS2019 and after that the latest Fox X#. It looks like the major Intellisense issues are solved; I can enter If, <Enter> (If capitalizes and we get a tab indent) and endif <Return> aligns with If and also capitalizes. It did seem to fail once but after trying to reproduce it this seems fine. Plus that selecting a keyword like If colorizes the matching else/endif. Thank you for this! This not working was a major reason for me to leave X# virtually untouched the last half year. A good reason to change that for the next half year (together with the Roadmap plans!)

One small remark, not important at all but just that you know:

I wrote most comments about Intellisense on 25-6-2019: ... enter#9654

Chris commented:

Please go to Tools/Options->Text Editor/XSharp/Intellisense, then uncheck the option "Show Completion list after a character is typed", unfortunately this does not work properly yet, causing such issues. I thought we had already disabled it, but apparently it is still available, I think this option needs to be removed in the next build.

With this option checked it still works erratic; e.g. trying to type Endif does not suggest endif (but 'if' and a lot of other unrelated keywords) and also you need 2 enters to go to the next line.
If it doesn't work properly it's probably better to remove this checkbox option altogether?

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Intellisense progress!

Post by Chris »

HI Dick,

For my personal tastes, this option indeed still does not work well enough. But for some other people, it is already good enough and they find it helpful, so I think it's the right decision to have it available (as an option of course).

The problems related to it are already known and logged, I am sure those will be also solved in the near future. And of course there will be further improvements in all similar areas! I am glad you acknowledge that there has already been a lot of progress now, I am sure the guys are happy to read this and it is my opinion as well, that intellisense in VS is in good enough shape now.
Chris Pyrgas

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