Code tooltips appears twice (VS 2019)

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Code tooltips appears twice (VS 2019)

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When you hover over names in VS 2019 (XSharp project), a tooltip appears twice — the first short display, hiding, and only then the normal display. Video in attachment.
XSharp version: 2.2

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Code tooltips appears twice (VS 2019)

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Hi Leonid,

Thanks for the report, this is a known issue, happens due to the technique used for displaying tooltips. We are currently using a method that works both in VS2015 and later VS versions and that has this side effect. Once we are sure we are OK to stop supporting VS 2015, we can move to a different way of doing things and this should fix this problem, together with other things. So I think this is something that will be fixed in the next months or so.
Chris Pyrgas

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