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We just returned from a trip to Australia. The day after our arrival we had a long and nice talk with Jeff Rollo (probably better known as "Biggy Rat :P ) ; it's great to meet people you otherwise only know from forums or newsgroups.

As you are all aware, Australia suffers from the worst bush fires ever. We started the first 3 weeks of our trip with a motor home and half of the destinations we stayed is now on fire- with sometimes very large area's and wildlife destroyed or dead. Yesterday's summary on counts 63000 km2 burned (1,5 x the size of the Netherlands), from which 50.000 km2 in NSW, with more than 1300 houses lost there and 130 active burning fires, the largest alone being the Gosper Mountain Fire of 512143 ha (see ... es-near-me).

We both heard and read the factors contributing to the fires: 3 years of drought, budget cuts on the fire services, climate change and more.

It is sad that this beautiful country suffers so much damage.

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