Good starting point using DBFCDX

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Good starting point using DBFCDX

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Can anyone recommend a good X# example code like SSA maybe? To get me started on the X# path please? At this stage, I'm only interested in the DBFCDX side of things, once I get the idea and get used to the IDE, the syntaxes, the main functions and just general dialect usage, ill probably take the plunge into SQL. I have used SQL ( in a very limited capacity, but know the basics) but for now, just getting a handle on getting started using DBFCDX, Dbserver, etc would be awesome.
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Good starting point using DBFCDX

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If you like, you can actually use the SSA sample itself in X#, to get used to the new environment, with a sample that you are already familiar with. You can just try to port the aef of the sample with VOXporter, then it needs some very small changes to actually compile and run in X#.

Of course this sample uses the VO-style windows that you are familiar with in VO, ShellWindow, DataWindow etc. If you want to start learning to use WinForms, I think the best way to get started is to just create a WinForms project, add some controls to the form etc etc. Once you get a bit familiar with that, the resources available on the net for WinForms (or WPF) programming are immense. XIDE also includes a sample written by Wolfgang Riedmann which reads a dbf and displays it in a WinForms grid, you can find it in the "Samples" page when you create a new app.
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