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I am using this in our apps and it served us well for decades for having to load DLL when only needed.

I am trying to find this in the documentations but I can't find it. Soon, I will stumble this in our codes I am about to port.

At this point, I am halfway of the core library of our apps. If my memory is correct, it could be in the middle of this codebases I am porting right now.

I read it that .NET offers so much on late binding. But, I need to keep things as is for the mean and kick the can down the road and pick it up when I got there ready.....


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Post by robert »

There is a XSharpLoadLibrary function. Replace the call to _VOLoadLibrary with XSharpLoadLibrary (it takes standard strings) and you should be fine.
This function loads the library and calls the initialization code in that library, such as Init procedures etc.

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