Multiple Memo fields in ReportPro 2.30a

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Multiple Memo fields in ReportPro 2.30a

Post by Anonymous »

I'm creating an invoice with 10 memo fields containing the invoiced item/service whatever, all set with Vertical Size checked to allow the size to adjust to the content. So far, so good...

Item 1 displays fine, but Item 2 gets over printed as does item 3 ....etc. Is there some work around for this please? Am I doing something wrong?
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The actual report is
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Thanks again for any help you may have.
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Multiple Memo fields in ReportPro 2.30a

Post by robert »

The solution is to create extra group sections for each extra memo field that you want to print under the first.
The group expression can be the recno or primary key of the main table and the section should have a when condition of “.not. Empty ( memofield)

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Multiple Memo fields in ReportPro 2.30a

Post by BiggyRat »

Thanks very much Robert, never used extra groups, but I'm sure I'll manage. Thanks so much for the pointer!

It worked brilliantly. Thanks again Robert.
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