More X# fun and progress in 2017 ...

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More X# fun and progress in 2017 ...

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Hi guys,

Happy New Year to one and all, of my many "X# / xBase" friends and colleagues ;-0)

I am writing this post to tell you of few steps forward that I have made already this year - thanks to Robert and his Team. THANKS !!!

I now have my developing (and improving) LINQ / EF6 application compiling with the very latest compiler version, and also within Visual Studio 2017 (release candidate). YES!

The solution / project came over from VS 2015 quite nicely, and after some small issues (probably my fault) the apps loads, runs, and produces a new SQL database, as well as seeding all the data. The DB create option is now mounted top right of the main window.

For the new year 'fun image' I have added a newly designed front-end to the 'Stock' business app., so we can see the LINQ code producing much of the interactive features. This will be useful for those wishing to learn LINQ and copy and adapt useful parts, or 'chunks' of code. There's nothing like a work example to get you started, I usually go to Nick for one!

Here is a simple 'View' sample of the Orders entity list :-
PearlsVS2017_03.jpg (63.91 KiB) Viewed 158 times
As well as a group box containing buttons to launch Views of Entity lists, we have another group box to hold buttons for updating and adding new data in the form of business entities.

Here is a slightly more complex View showing Customer entities :-
PearlsVS2017_01.jpg (108.32 KiB) Viewed 158 times
Once again the simple LINQ query code is shown on an image control.

Finally for now, we have the third image which shows the "View all ..." WPF form and this is a long list of many useful LINQ queries to do all the support tasks that the 'Stock' app needs.
PearlsVS2017_02.jpg (79.86 KiB) Viewed 158 times
Out of interest, the bottom right corner of each form can be 'mouse adjusted' to make the text in the longer queries quite easy to read.

The query shown for list item 14 is one of the more complex queries, as only a few need to have a JOIN specified in the X# .NET code.

This is an easy way of having LINQ query code to hand for copying at a later stage. The app as you see it will be available to 'any and all' guys attending the Cologne software conference at the end of April. This year as ever, we are likely to have a great show, even without Pink Floyd ;-0)

Put the end of April in your diary as a "must visit Cologne" entry.

Wales, UK.
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