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Hi Devs,

Amazing work! and the prepossess... Awesome.
I am coming from Harbour, so I'd like to know if/how-much xSharp is geared to be compatible with it.
Do you have hash type in xSharp?

Best wishes,
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Post by Chris »

Hi Abe,

We haven't done a lot of work on it, but the compiler does support most of Harbour syntax, except for object declaration, which shouldn't be too difficult to implement either. We have actually compiled some real world Harbour code, consisting of a some thousand lines, with zero or very minor changes in X#.

We're also working on a tool to convert console windows created with @SAY GET commands to real Windows Forms windows and controls (again with almost zero changes to the existing code), but this is still very much work in progress.

About Hash types, the good thing about X# and any .Net programming language is that it can use EVERY class available in the .Net Framework. There's the system available System.Collection.HashTable and System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary classes for that.
Chris Pyrgas

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