Migration from VO, recommended way

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Migration from VO, recommended way

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Hi Robert,
I would like to start the migration of some of my VO application to X#.
In some of my applications I'm using bBrowser in a manner that a replacement by another control would be too much work, so I cannot replace it so easily.
I need that migration because I need some WinForms functionalities, mainly the enhanced RTF control.
Personally I see two ways of a middle and long term migration:
  • migrate the application shell window to a WinForms window and integrate the VO windows with the compatibility layer (using the WinFormVOWindow), migrating them one per one to WinForms if neede
  • wait for the VOGUI classes based on WinForms
The pro for the first variant is that I can use both native WinForms and VOGUI windows in the same applications, and can maintain all the bBrowser and ListView enhancements I have done - but this would exclude a later migration to the Winforms based VOGUI classes.
The pro for the second variant would be that I have one one GUI class library in my application, but I suspect that for some applications a migration would not be possibile or too much work.

Currently it seems I have to adopt both migration strategies depending on how much an application depends on bBrowser and ListView enhancements - but I don't like that as I would prefer to have only one migration strategy.

What do you mean?

P.S. I agree that currently the VFP functionality has priority, but can we expect a release of the WinForms based GUI classes for this year? Even if not complete or not completely documented?
Wolfgang Riedmann
Meran, South Tyrol, Italy
https://www.riedmann.it - https://docs.xsharp.it
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