LINQ to SQL - progress etc.

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Phil Hepburn
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LINQ to SQL - progress etc.

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Hi Pearl guys of the xBase and X# variety,

Just a short post to update you on the progress of my research into LINQ - hopefully to provide a couple of conference sessions in Cologne in April 2017.

Having made good progress with 'LINQ to Objects' recently, with help from Robert and you guys, I have moved on to 'LINQ to SQL' and getting my data results sets from a MSSS database, via its Tables and a mapping made through the 'DataContext' object.

If Michael and Meinhard allow me to do a double session (x2) on LINQ then this material will be included in the second of those sessions, where we look at SQL and also Entities in the EF6/7 framework.

I attach a couple of images for your interest, amazement, amusement, or whatever. Just to see that X# works nicely is as good a reason as ever ;-0)

There was a lot of work before I got to this point!

Hope this is of interest,
Phil - the man in Wales, UK.
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