Keep getting logged out of XSharp website...

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Keep getting logged out of XSharp website...

Post by Anonymous »

Why do I frequently keep getting logged out of the X# website? It may have be happening when I log in from another device? For instance, if I am logged in from my laptop, then I go to my iPhone and log in to read messages, then when I come back to my laptop, it seems my session is logged out and I have to log back in again.

Does this happen to anyone else? I wonder if the admins have some rules set against this or if they can make it more flexible?
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Keep getting logged out of XSharp website...

Post by wriedmann »

Hi Matt,
I use the X# website regularly from 3 devices: my development PC, my mobile phone and my WIndows tablet, but never at the same time.
From time to time I get logged out, but only in distance of weeks, not days.
I'm using Mozilla Firefox on all devices (included my Android One phone), so maybe this makes a difference.
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Keep getting logged out of XSharp website...

Post by robert »


We are using Joomla as the CMS for the website. Our website uses the default session timeout for Joomla, which is 15 minures. IOW after 15 minutes of inactivity you will get logged out.
Of course we can change that, but doesn't your browser remember the logins ?

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Keep getting logged out of XSharp website...

Post by ic2 »

Reaction on #3:

A browser only remembers logins when you don't clear cookies which my Firefox always does.

But when I am logged in and keep the browser open I would say I never get logged out as far as I know so the 15 minutes surprise me a bit. About these 15 minutes: I do not see a reason to limit most sessions and certainly not a computer a language forum. I only have some understanding of bank logins to be limited.

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