What does “RDD” stand for?

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What does “RDD” stand for?

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What does RDD stand for? I’ve seen references about this assembly or later, but I have never need it explained what those letters mean.

It’s coming in ??
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What does “RDD” stand for?

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RDD is a term that was introduced in clipper and has remained with us since then.
it stands for Replaceable Database Driver.
In Clipper you had to link in a specific library if you wanted another RDD then the default DBFNTX RDD, in VO and Vulcan the RDDs are DLLs that are dynamically loaded.

We have combined all RDDs in one assembly. This assembly now has support for DBF-DBT-NTX (the DBFNTX rdd), DBF-FPT-CDX (the DBFCDX rdd) as well Advantage drivers for these formats and the Advantage Proprietry ADSADT format

Build already has the RDD DLL with DBFNTX and the advantage drivers. The next build will also include DBFCDX.

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