Progress report Feb 10, 2020

A short report on what we have been doing in the last months. The things below will be included in the next build (2.3) that will be released in the coming week.


We have added support for #pragma options and #pragma warnings. We have also added support for FoxPro Currency literals ($123.4567). We have also added support for the /cs (Case Sensitive) compiler option. And the compiler now also includes a string version of the compiled codeblocks, so you can see what the original source looked like in the debugger. And several other smaller issues were fixed as well.


We have added prototypes for all FoxPro functions that we plan to support. They are not all implemented yet, but they are included in the help file already with a "-- todo--" comment (See also We have also added fixed several reported issues and added support for the FoxPro Currency type. Usuals can now also be of type "currency".

RDD system

We have fixed several issues in the RDD system. We have now also included all known Advantage functions from VO in the RDD assembly. If you want to use these, then all you need to do is to include a reference to the XSharp.RDD assembly. Please note that handles for statements and connections are typed as IntPtr in X#. We have also added a new event to the Workarea notifications (FileCommit)

Visual Studio integration

We have optimized the speed for formatting in the editor. The toolpalette in the VO Form editor now has icons as well as text. We have added templates for VO MDI and VO SDI applications.

Build System

When compiling native resources the resource compiler now automatically includes a file with some defines such as VS_VERSION_INFO


When you enter a watch expression in the debugger or a breakpoint condition, you can now use 1 based array indices. Our debugger will now automatically subtract 1 when evaluating the expression.


Fixed a problem in the windows forms code generation. Also added the ability to convert single MEF or PRG files as well as code from the clipboard. Finally we are no longer touching code between #ifdef .. #endif in VOXporter.