Frank Maraite: GCR-NAS Basistool

The 'GCR-NAS Basistool' was developed since 2010. It did not use the VulcanVO runtime by setting the /norun compiler option.
As this it can be merged into into one exe file. This exe file is then set to 64bit by the corflags utility.
It compiles with X# since December 2015. So it's one of the first commercial pure XSharp application ever.
It's main goal is reading so called ALKIS NAS data and transform this into various common formats. ALKIS (R) is used be the german land registry to store the parcels, buildings, ownership etc. for mapping. ALKIS NAS is an XML format based on GML 3.2. It comes in ZIP files of about a few KB, but also about a few hundred MB.
The biggest file I managed was the 670MB ZIP file of cologne. It took 103GB core memory to produce the DXF output of the whole city. We are able to cut a piece of data out of this, and then it takes only minutes to produce a map for example the region around cologne cathedral in just a few minutes.
The GUI is simple. It's based on WinForms and follows the MVVM pattern. The basic routines are all under unit tests. Actually a complete test run has about 1700 individual tests and takes about 11 seconds.
Due to the fact that it's only useful in germany there is no translation available.




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