XSharp Cahors 2.6

Today we have released XSharp Cahors 2.6.
This build contains several fixes for issues that were found and also some new features. We have also implemented several FoxPro commands that were high on the todo list, such as SCATTER, GATHER, COPY TO ARRAY and APPEND FROM ARRAY. The FoxPro compatibility list has also been updated to reflect this and also reflect the functions that we have added over the last months.

The what's new document describing all the changes can be found here:

{rsfiles path="general/Readme/whatsnew26.rtf"}

{rsfiles path="fox/Compiler/XSharpSetup26Fox.zip"}

Please note that this new build has new assembly version numbers for all runtime DLLs. You will need to recompile all of your code and you will also need new versions of 3rd party components such as bBrowser, Xs2Ado and ReportPro. We have worked with the vendors of these components, so the good news is that most of these components are already available !



  • Great work, thank you very much! Have it downloaded and will install later today and report back eventual problems.
  • Robert,
    got it, many thx! As it's called "setup", this is indeed an installer?
    Hopefully today night i'll find time to install...
  • When trying to run the new version I ran into some strange errors when opening Visual Studio with the projects. Robert helped me finding the reason. I started visual Studio from our development program and I did not restart this program after installing the new X#. So an additional environment variable added by the X#-Setup program was missing in this "call stack". Restarting everything resolved these errors.
  • I like particularly this new warning:
    warning XS9101: TRY statement found without CATCH clause and without FINALLY clause. The compiler will generate a default CATCH clause that catches and ignores all exceptions.
    Thank you very much!