XSharp Beta 6

We are pleased to announce that we have released XSharp Beta 6 to our subscribers today.
This build contains many improvements in the VO/Vulcan compatibility area. A selection from these changes:

  • Added support for compile time codeblocks
  • Added support for all kinds of Aliased Expressions (useful with RDD based data access)
  • Added support for VO Compatible string comparisons
  • Indexed properties can now be used by name (String:Chars for example)
  • Indexed properties can now be defined with overloads with different parameter types (int and string for example)

VO and Vulcan support is nearing completion!

Some new features in this build

  • Added a new syntax to define EVENTS (with ADD and REMOVE keywords)
  • Completed the support for the .Designer.prg for windows forms inside visual studio
  • X# now properly works side by side with the Vulcan project system inside Visual Studio. We no longer "steal" the language service from Vulcan projects
  • Performance improvements in the source code editor for large files

This new build is available for download for FOX subscribers on the FOX download page on this website.


  • Congratulations to the entire team for getting out this new version. Unfortunately I'm on holiday this week and have not the possibility to work with it before Monday.
  • I have recompiled all my X# projects with Beta 6 and as far as I have seen, this build works very well.
  • Roberto,
    Thanks for reporting this.
    It is almost certainly a "false positive ".
    I have forwarded your mail to Chris. He is responsible for xide and told me he would contact you about this.

  • Hello Roberto,

    You can ignore this for now, xitoolbox.exe is a small tool that is used only when you add custom controls to the winforms toolbox of xide.

    Its source code is very small (2,000 lines) so I will send it to you so you can recompile it yourself and see if Norton complains about it again. I'm just returning from vacation now, so will send it in the next few days.