XSharp Beta 5

We are proud to inform you that we have released XSharp Beta 5 today to our FOX subscribers.
It has taken a little longer than expected / hoped, but it is full of new features that make the product very compatible with VO and Vulcan.

Next to the obvious bug fixes there are lots of new features in this build, most of which are for the VO/Vulcan dialect only


  • Full support for the ARRAY type, including array access, nested arrays, the /AZ compiler option etc.
  • Full support for Late Binding
  • Support for missing arguments and array elements in literal arrays
  • Full support for VO & Vulcan compatible constructor chaining (where the call to the parent constructor is not the first statement in the constructor body)
  • Support for the Macro operator and Alias (->) operator.
  • Support for the FIELD statement
  • We are now addorning our assemblies with the attributes that the Vulcan runtime and Vulcan macro compiler expect, so your functions will be callable from the macro compiler, and your classes can be instantiated with CreateInstance()
  • "Usings" for Vulcan are now automatically included by the compiler
  • Added several preprocessor macros, such as __DIALECT__ which returns the current selected dialect
  • Several implicit conversions have been added for VO compatible types
  • Support for the implicit function _Chr() has been added

Our VS integration and Build system also have a lot of new features

  • Improved the CodeDom compiler and CodeDom parser which are used by the Winform and WPF editors
  • Several new WPF and Resource templates have been included
  • Support for native resources and the resource compiler

Subscribers can download the new build from the download page on this website.


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