XSharp "Anjou" , build 1.1

We have just released XSharp "Anjou" Build 1.1 to our FOX subscribers and a public build as well.
This release has many changes. Some highlights:


  • Fixed most problems reported by users
  • Added support for a new /vo16 compiler option that will automatically generate VO compatible Clipper calling convention constructors for classes without constructor. The parameters names for these constructors will be copied from the constructor of the parent class
  • Some keyword were giving problems when used as identifier or were not allowed as identifier. That has been fixed.

Visual Studio

  • Several improvements in the source code editor and intellisense
  • The speed of the source code editor for large files has been improved
  • Several changes to the CodeDom parser for the Windows forms editor to support code from 3rd party components as well as forms and (custom) controls defined in other projects inside the same solution
  • Several changes to the VO Compatible editors
  • We have added debugger support.
  • We have added support for the Test Window and added 3 project templates for unit testing (Ms Test, XUnit and NUnit)

The build system

  • We have fixed some problems in the xsproj files for Visual Studio and our build system
  • We have fixed a problem when running MsBuild in 64bit mode

Please see the what's new document that comes with the product for the complete list of changes

You can download the installer from the downloads page on this website.


  • [quote name="Wolfgang Riedmann"]My applications compile amd run without any issue. Thank you very much![/quote]

    In my end, I am just starting... to warm up. Got excited to know when will be the X# Runtime be OK?
  • May I introduce myself. My name is Charn Patimapornchai. I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I have been writing programs since 1970 on Main Frame Computer: IBM Computers. Do you know RPG and PL/I programming languages? I used both languages.

    And then in 1988 I started learning how to write program on PC using Clipper and Then VO 2.6 and VO 2.8 SP3.

    I would like to start using XSharp now. What should I do? How to start it? I purchased Vulcan.Net 1.0 and I did know how to write program using it until now because of having no time. But now I would like to spend sometime to learn to write program using XSharp. Could anyone help me? How to start it. I know how to use Visual Studio dot net

    Thank you.
    Charn P.
  • Hi Charn,
    do you have VO applications to maintain and/or to port to X#?
    And if you wish to write new X# applications: do you have any experience with .NET (C#, VB.NET)?
  • Hi Wolfgang,

    Yes, I have VO App to maintain but I will not port them to X#; I will write new Apps in X#. I have experience in writing VB.NET using Visual Studio. But I did not use it for a long time. I want to start using .Net again. I still know how to use it, basic knowledge. I have installed Visual Studio Community 2017 already.

    So could you please let me know how to get started?


    Charn P.
  • Hi Charn,

    If you have installed X#, you can just create a new project and select a X# template, in a similar way you do for VB.Net. Just pick XSharp on the left, then select the windows forms template from the right pane and you will get a windows app, where you can add controls to form, write X# code etc.

  • Hi Chris
    Thank you so much, Chris. I have successfully downloaded X# and installed it. I have seen X# on VS Community 2017 already. So I could start learning X# now.

    Charn P.
  • Hi Charn,

    I send you reply a moment ago to your private email. quite busy in the porting process to X# (in preparatory stage), moving fast to actual port process in a week. Need to complete end-of year completion of client request.

    Anyway, first thing you need to do is download the public build which is totally usable. Then, things are intuitive.

    One thing is missing, if you are C# user is IntelliSense which is top priority of the X# team right as with the X# Runtime. But if you Vn users, I think you already have the necessary assembly to move forward.

    Good luck,

    Lots of guys here can help also, as they far ahead than where I am right now.


  • Hi,

    Good luck,

    Just post to appropriate forum threads so that people can appropriately answer your queries. I am using X# mainly created a middle ware code to link our cloud X# MVC apps with VO via OLE and other stuff. Soon, all our apps will be in X#.

    You will read more of my experience as soon as I am actually on X# porting process.