XBase Future 2017

Hi to all,
just a quick note to told you that XBase Future 2017 Conference has started today in Cologne.
We had the first presentations this morning, with a very interesting session by Michael Fischer and Robert van der Hulst; a lot of people and new faces...Great !

Myself, I've already done a session about XSharp Everywhere, with an application consuming some MySQL-data as a client with some Windows Forms, and running the same way on Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.04 and Raspberry PI with Raspbian Pixel... without ANY Change !

Now, Robert is talking about our OpenSource model, and all stuff around program management, licences, code sharing, ...xbase future



  • I wish I were there!!!!
    Couple of weeks.... my CFO will released our R&D funds for FOX!
    Excited to join.
    Anyone can confirm me that X# can not do stuff without BYOR which is unnecessary and useless for me due to the fact that I have older Vulcan version here.
  • Rene,

    Of course X# can run without Vulcan Runtime. We support the full .Net runtime and also the Vulcan runtime.

    Fabrice showed us yesterday for example how he created a Windows Forms application and then copied and ran that app on a Ubuntu machine and also on a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian
    All three machines were then talking with the same (MySql) database .
    Exciting stuff !
  • Hi Rene,

    That's fine, you should be able to use also the runtime of 205 without issues. In case there turns to be some problem (which I highly doubt), it will be trivial for us to adjust the x# compiler to workaround it.

    Remember, at any given time in about the last 10 years, one or more members of our x# team had been responsible for maintaining the vulcan runtime, so we know it inside out and know exactly what is needed to support every version of it..