X# Summit Memmingen - Recap

We returned from the X# Summit yesterday.

It was very good to be back in Germany after more than 3 years and to meet our customers and friends.

Some of the announcements of this event:

  • X# 3.0 will contain support for .Net 5,6 & 7 and will have breaking changes compared with X# 2. The codename for X# 3.0 is ╬ô╬▒╬»╬▒ (Gaia)
  • We are preparing for an X# Summit on March 30,31 2023 in Austin (TX)
  • We are planning a next X# Summit in Memmingen on October 12,13 2023




  • Just out of curiosity ... do you have a venue chosen for the Austin conference?


    Not yet. Our partners in Austin (the people from QLAdmin) are looking into this.
    As soon as they have a venue then we will publish more details including pricing etc.