X# compiler beta 8b released

We are proud to announce that a new prerelease version of the X# compiler is available for download for our FOX subscribers.
You can find the ZIP file with the new compiler in the prerelease downloads folder on this website.

With this build you can compile the Vulcan SDK without changes, except for some obvious errors in the Vulcan SDK that Vulcan did not find! One of our team members will write a blog article about these errors, since you may have similar problems in your code.

We consider the Vulcan Compatibility of the compiler nearly finished with the current state of the compiler. All Vulcan code should compile without problems now. Of course the real test is with compiling and running YOUR source code.

Please try this version of the compiler with as much of your code as possible and let us know which compile time and which runtime problems you find.

The next builds of the compiler will focus on bug fixing and adding some VO compatibility options such as UDCs, VO compatible DEFINES, VO compatible numeric conversions etc.

The next full build of the product (Beta 9) will contain this new compiler and improved Visual Studio support and is expected a few weeks from now.

For those interested, here is a summary of the changes in the compiler since Beta 8:

  • Added support for PCall and PCallNative
  • Full support for INIT procedures. We also added EXIT procedures.
  • Added compatibility command line options /ppo, .showincludes, /vo1, /vo6
  • Changed several method resolution strategies. Calls without object/self prefix will resolve to functions first and when no function is found then it will look for instance methods
  • Added support for DEFAULT TO, ACCEPT, WAIT and QUIT commands
  • Allow multiple indexed properties per type and allow to use the indexer name, such as the string:Chars collection
  • Code generation has been optimized for several language constructs
  • Debugger step information has been improved for a better debug "experience".

The full list of changes is included in the ZIP but also available as download in the General section on this website.

If you are not a FOX subscriber and want to test this new compiler with your code: sign up now.